Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Finally Friday

Today is my Friday, the end of my work week. I've got the next two days off, and I can't wait for today's shift to end so I can start two days of freedom.

It's gotten to be a chore to get myself up and make myself go to work. And really, it isn't the job itself that gets me down. I just feel like I'm working for nothing sometimes.

Hard to see the point in it. I spend 40 hours a week plus travel time away from home for a paycheck that doesn't go nearly far enough. The bills are always behind, seems the more money I make, the worse it gets. I wonder why I even bother sometimes.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

This looks like a good story to start my blog with. It's already posted elsewhere, but no reason I can't put it here too. Hope you all get as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did in writing it.

Torment on the Wheel

She felt so exposed, so vulnerable, stretched over the wheel as she was. It was an ingenious device, the round center hub that arched her back nicely, and extensions like spokes on either side to hold arms and legs outstretched and spread. Each extension had bondage rings at different points, allowing her to be held securely, and her legs to be bent at the knee. Her head dangled upside down toward the floor between the arm extensions. The frame that held the whole thing had rings as well, for the purpose of attaching ropes that led to the thigh cuffs she often wore on the wheel. These rings allowed her legs to be spread to the side as well as bent at the knee. The hub rotated to any angle desired, raising or lowering head or feet, and locked in place. The wheel, though one of her favorite dungeon furnishings, always meant she was in for some serious torture.

Her torture for tonight had already begun, and though she ached, her pussy was leaking juices. He had wound ropes tightly around each tit before stretching her over the wheel, turning them into twin purple globes on her chest. Over the wheel, her blood engorged tits pointed at the ceiling and made an easy target for the thin flexible fiberglass cane he had beaten them with. She knew from past experience that the welts she felt rising on them would be a darker purple, turning into bruises by morning. She knew he was enjoying the sight of them wearing his marks as they were, and that he might well decide to torture them further as he fucked her mouth, if that was what he decided to do with her this time.

For the moment, she rested, enjoying the ache in her tits as she listened for his movements about the room. Head dangling downward, her view was limited, and she was a bit surprised when she felt him unbucking her ankles from the restraints. Surely he wasn't done with her yet, they had just begun and his lust and desire to torment her had seemed to be running high. He pushed her feet higher toward her buttcheeks, fastening them at the highest point of bondage on the extensions. He then pulled her knees wide apart, spreading them till she thought surely her hips would pop free of their sockets, and fastened them off to the rings on the frame.

Had she thought she was exposed and vulnerable before? She was even more so now, she could feel the air currents in the room cooling her hot puss, her lips open wide and wet with her juices as they were. His hands slid up her thighs as he stepped between her spread legs, and she was glad she had given special attention to her shave, not wanting him to find any stray hair. He pulled and tugged at her pussy lips, moving them this way and that, checking, always checking. Being bare for him was her responsibility and she took pride in knowing that very rarely did he ever find any strays to punish her for. Not finding any this time either, he chuckled at her wetness, sliding a single finger up and down her slit. She heard a tiny click as the clip on a fairly short elastic cord caught onto her hood ring, and moaned softly as he stretched the other end of the cord up and over her belly, attaching it to the bondage belt at her waist.

Her moans turned to a gasp as he pushed two fingers into her. He began to fuck her hard and deep with them, pinning her stretched clit under his thumb, the rocking motion of his thumb as his fingers pushed in and out making her strain against her her bondage in an attempt to take his hand inside her aching puss. With his free hand he reached for a tit, pinching, making her cry out as he dug his thumbnail into the base of her nipple. Switching to the other nipple and giving it the same treatment, he warned her not to come as he pulled his fingers out of her puss and shoved them up her ass. He was rough with her, knowing she liked it, needed it, craved it, knowing the pain turned her on and seeing the evidence in her leaking puss. Pushing her to the last possible moment, watching her struggle against the need to orgasm in order to not disobey him, he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with a plug. As he squeezed the attached bulb, it began to grow inside her. He pumped it several times, filling her to the point of discomfort, and then tugging at it to make sure it was secure.

Moving to her head, he stuffed her mouth with a folded cloth, and then slowly pulled the falls of a leather flogger across her face. Her heart quickened in anticipation and he began to work the flogger, striking her first on the chest square between the purple globes of her tits. Finding his rythm, he moved around her in a circle, constantly swinging the flogger. Tits, chest, belly, thighs, they all felt the sting as he worked his way around her. From every angle he struck her with it, circling once, and then twice, listening to her whimper and moan her pleasure as the heat rose in her reddening skin. Twice more he circled, the flogger never losing its rythm, before stopping between her widely spread thighs.

Hesitating only long enough to make her wonder what was next, he brought the flogger down on her leaking puss, watching her muscles tense and hearing the sharp intake of breath through her nose. The flogger flew in a figure eight, her puss the center point of each swing, and her moans and groans muffled by the gag stiffened his cock. Her pussy lips grew red and began to swell, and yet her cunt produced a steady flow of juice. Replacing the flogger with a leather belt, he worked her thighs from knee to groin, alternating back and forth. Her thighs covered in welts, her cries muffled and nearly constant, he knew she was ready for the next step. Tonight she would do more than cry out against the gag, tonight he would make her scream. Taking careful aim, he swung the belt again.

Her body jerked and then stiffened at the impact, tears filling her eyes as fire filled her crotch. Again the belt caught her full between the legs and she moaned deeply, pussy leaking fresh juices and eyes leaking tears that ran into her hair. Again, and he heard a muffled cry as her hips made a valiant effort to lift her puss to meet his belt. Again and again, and he listened for the bell that would stop him amid the sounds of her muffled screams, but the bell didn't ring. Her puss began to swell in response to the whipping, and still he brought the belt down on her again and again, her helpless struggles to bring her legs together exciting him as much as her muffled sobs and the squishy smacking sound of each wet impact. The bell in her hand refused to ring, and he whipped the pussy she had given him, watching it redden and swell. Her struggles became a constant quivering in her muscles, chest heaving with the sobs that shook her frame. He knew she was near the limit of her endurance for the moment, and stopped briefly to allow her to collect herself. His own desire to bring her the pain they both needed her to have was not yet fulfilled, and he had no wish to push too hard and bring the session to an early end.

Moving to her head, he adjusted the position of the wheel a bit, making sure she was positioned just so, and wiped her tears with a cool cloth. She calmed under his touch, pulling herself together, knowing he was not yet done with her when he left her gag in place. She ached all over, her back and legs from the strain of her position, tits from the restricted blood flow and the caning that marked them, pussy throbbing, swollen in response to the whipping he had given it, and leaking juices that told of the arousal she felt in response to his torment.

Stepping back between her legs, he stroked her soaking slit with a single finger, teasing, making sure she knew there was more yet to come, making her think he would bring her to orgasm as he ran his fingertip over her exposed clit. Her arousal was rising again as he knew it would, and quickly. The swelling had made her pussy tender and sore, so very sensitive to his touch. He slid both thumbs into her cunt, fingers grasping her upper thighs as he pulled her widely open. She groaned deep in her chest in response and a puddle of fluid from inside her ran down over the plug protruding from her ass and dripped to the floor.

"Look at you, slut, you've made a mess down here." he said.

"A good hard cock inside you, is that what you want? Tell me, slut."

He began to rub his engorged cockhead over her slit as he talked to her.

"This one? You want my cock, slut? Want me to fuck you hard and deep, use you use you like the fuckmeat you know you are?"

She began to squirm under him, struggling to lift her aching puss and coax him inside, muffled pleading he couldn't understand coming from around the cloth filling her mouth.

"I don't think you want it bad enough pet, I don't hear you begging.." And he continued to tease her, delighted with her fevered attempts to convince him to penetrate her, as sore as she was.

"I'm not convinced slut, I'm sorry" he said, pulling back from her and hearing her frustrated moan in response.
Reaching for the oversized vibrating dildo he knew she couldn't see, he held it at the opening to her cunt. She stilled in response, anticipating, not knowing what he had in his hand, only knowing it wasn't his cock because it was cool rather than flesh-warm. It was going to be a tight fit, what with the swelling and the plug in her ass taking up room, but he knew she could take it, would take it, that stretching her to the limit would fulfill the slut inside her, give her the feeling of being used that she needed. Not to mention his own pleasure at seeing her flesh strain to accept it, stretching and bulging around it's girth.

With steady forceful pressure he pushed it into her sopping cunt, making her scream again at the pain as it scraped against her tender lips, stretching and filling her to the limit. Deeper he forced it, and then out again, in again, watching as it dragged her pussylips back and forth with each thrust and withdrawal. He knew she was again in tears though her initial scream at the pain of penetration had leveled off into moans and groans as he pushed the limits of her body. Once again pushing it deep inside her, he fastened it to the end of the butt plug with a rubber band to hold it in place and turned it on before moving to her head, crop in hand.
"Don't you dare come, slut...not until I tell you, do you understand me?".

Seeing her upside down nod of agreement, he pulled the cloth from her mouth and directed his leaking cock in its place.

"Now suck, and do it right."

She tasted herself on him at first, and then his own taste as she began to work her tongue on the cock filling her mouth. He stood perfectly still, making her put all the effort into making sure not an inch of his cock was neglected. She had no hands free to work with, his pleasure depended on the movements of her head and tongue alone. She lapped and sucked greedily, relishing the taste of his pleasure that leaked onto her tongue.


She cried out around his cock as the crop bit into her right nipple.

"More tongue, get it moving."


The left nipple this time, bringing another cry from her as her cunt spasmed around the dildo.

"Watch your teeth, no biting."

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Alternating nipples, one after the other, nearly making her orgasm as she struggled to take his cock deeper into her mouth. She couldn't stop the cries, couldn't stop the tears, couldn't stop the juices that ran from her cunt as she sucked his cock and his crop attacked her nipples. Muscles straining with effort, she tried to lift her head and take him deeper, deeper, intent on serving the cock and the man she had so willingly given herself to.

Finally, his hips began to rock a bit, humping her upside down face as she continued to suck him like her life depended on it. He was bumping the back of her throat now, and she fought not to gag and tried to swallow him instead.

She heard the swish of air just before the crop landed between her legs, to the left of her stretched and swollen clit. He pulled back a bit from her mouth, and then thrust forward, landing a blow to the right of her clit as he did so. Again and again, matching the crop to his thrusts, he fucked her face and whipped her already beaten puss. Her cries were muffled around his cock, and her body had its own response, squirming and writhing in the bonds that held her as she neared orgasm.

Reaching down with his free hand, he grasped her behind the neck, pulling her head toward him as he thrust, a fairly light blow directly on her clit making her cries sharper as her hips struggled to rise. Again, a harder blow from the crop as he pushed deeper into her throat, his balls barely brushing her forehead. She renewed her efforts on his swollen shaft, sucking him hard and deep as he thrust into her. She was in her element, truly being the slut she loved being for him, every fuckhole stuffed full and used hard.

He pulled back from her face, cockhead barely on the back of her tongue, gripping her neck tight with his hand. A series of blows landed with unerring accuracy on her clit, each one harder than the last. He thrust into her throat, her cries vibrating around his cock, both of them nearing orgasm now. Again he brought the crop down on her clit, and then one last time.

"Now!" he told her as he silenced her scream with his cock, pulling her head forward as he thrust deep in her throat, choking off her air, balls resting over her eyes. His cock jerked and twitched in her contracting throat as she swallowed the seed he spilled into her and her cunt spasmed around the dildo as her own orgasm tore through her pain wracked body.

He released her from the wheel, helping her stand on trembling legs. The ropes were removed from her swollen tits after adding teethmarks to each one. Holding her tight in his arms, her head resting on his chest, he heard her words of gratitude, thanking him for using her and allowing her to please him. Guiding her down on all fours, he pushed her face toward the floor.

"Clean your mess up pet, you leaked."

As she did so, he slid the dildo from her cunt, knowing from the tensing of her muscles that she was quite sore. Deflating the plug in her ass, he removed it as well and replaced it with the one she slept with every night. Clipping the leash to her collar, he stroked her hair and stood to lead her down the hall to the bedroom. Tonight she would sleep in her usual bondage beside him, well marked and well used, ever ready to offer herself up for his pleasure once again.


A clean slate...

Hmm...nice little place I've got here.

A brand new squeaky clean place to stick stories and stuff.

Now...what to write?...

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